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The first county record for this species was made by Richard Lamb on 26 June 2010 at Marlcliff on the Avon. Three males were seen. Presence was confirmed a few days later by Kay and Peter Reeve who visited the site and found two, possibly three, males.

There is a known a vigorous population further down the Avon in Worcestershire at Eckington and it was expected that in time the Scarce Chaser would make the jump into Vice County 38.

In 2012 for the first time significant numbers of Scarce Chasers were present on the Avon at Marlcliff. A visit on 25th June yielded fourteen males along about 400 metres of river bank and a copulating pair. A number of the males were still showing their immature colouration through the pruinescence. On a second visit on July 5th twenty-five were individuals were recorded at Marlcliff and further upstream, close to Bidford on Avon, another two males were seen. The numbers and immaturity of a number of individuals is good evidence of local breeding. However, final proof will have to await the finding of exuvia and/or pre-flight emergents.


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