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Blue-tailed damselfly Ischnura elegans.

Scarce Blue-tailed damselfly Ischnura pumilio.

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This rare species has been found in Warwickshire in 2002 at a private site and has been recorded every year since. Note that it is not at the location indicated on the distribution map.

It is in the typical early successional habitat the species prefers. Adults were found by very shallow pools with fairly sparse, open emergent vegetation. In one case, a water filled wheel rut.

It is a particularly pleasing find. The species is known to be present in adjacent counties and one expected to appear in the county, see Kay and Peter Reeve, 1997. "County Focus- Odonata in Warwickshire." Atropos 3: 22-28.

The species raises some interesting conservation issues. It seems to require very early successional habitat which is typical of recently exploited quarries and sand and gravel extraction sites (as in this case). Its best interests may be served by a rolling programme of quarrying and gravel extraction. A process that may be a variance with other conservation and environmental needs!


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